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Ion Sputter Gun IB-201

Ion Sputter Gun IB-201

Ion Sputter Gun IB-201 is the ideal solution for sputter cleaning of samples under UHV.

Beam Energy 0.5–2 kV
Emission Current 0–30 mA
At 25mm Working Distance 2.5 mm FWHM
At 50mm Working Distance 3.5 mm FWHM
Flange Size Φ ICF70
Maximum Total Target Current 10 µA at VB = 2 kV
Basic Components 1 Ion Sputter Gun
1 Controller Electronics
1 Cable

Electro-Chemical Etching System for STM tip UTE-1001

Electrochemical Etching System for STM Tip UTE-1001

Sharpens the tip by electrochemical Etching for STM.

Input Power AC 100V 50/60 Hz
Voltage Setting DC 0–12 V
Stop Current 0–3 mA
Tip Material Tungsten (Φ 0.3 mm)
Tip Curvature Radius tens of nano meter
Basic Components 1 Main Unit
1 Power Supply
1 Cable
1 Electrochemical Cell
1 Cell Table
1 Set of Accessories
2 Nipple Bulbs (2.2 V)
3 Tungsten Wires (f 0.3 mm × 30 mm)

K-Cell Evaporator U100-1000

K-Cell Evaporator U100-1000

Knudsen Cell evaporator heats and deposits the material on the target surface in UHV. The temperature range is from 300°C to 1000°C.

Heater Φ 0.5 mm tungsten
Flange Size Φ ICF70 mm
Thermo-Couple Almelu-cromel
Crucible Capacity Max. 0.3 cc
Operating Temperature 300–1000°C
Allowable Current 11 A
Basic Components 1 Main Unit
1 Cable with thermo-couple wire (Exclusive cable for U100-1000)
1 Crucible (Excluded the power supply and the temperature regulator)