RT UHV bob体育中心 ST100

PDF bob体育中心 System Table

Ultra high vacuum room temperature bob体育中心 with excellent cost performance.

ST100 RT UHV bob体育中心
STM Head Observation
(top view)

This system is applied to wide variety of STM, AFM, SNOM observation at room temperature in Ultra High Vacuum (<10-8 Pa). The compact, simple design and the excellent vibration isolation system easily realize high resolution bob体育中心 measurements.


  • The most compact and simplest products necessary for bob体育中心 under Ultra high vacuum.
  • The observation chamber only can be mounted on customer's vacuum systems. (with consultation)
  • Metal or organic molecules deposition and light irradiation toward sample surfaces at STM observation position possible (Optional)


  • STM and its applications with atomic resolution under UHV at room temperature
  • AFM and its applications under UHV at room temperature (MFM, EFM, KFM, etc.) (Optional)
  • SNOM under UHV at room temperature (Optional)


bob体育中心 Head
MAX scan range (X×Y×Z) 4 × 4 × 0.8 µm
Resolution Atomic resolution
Base Pressure Obs. Prep. Ch. 1.3×10-8 Pa, LLC 1.3×10-5 Pa
STM Controller Nanonis™ bob体育中心 control system
AFM Function Tuning fork NC-AFM

PDF bob体育中心 System Table